EKG Testing in Virginia Beach, VA


EKG Testing

As your trusted medical clinic and mobile lab in Virginia, LABS TO GO is proud to have a comprehensive array of laboratory services for your medical needs. Our physical locations and mobile lab is equipped for blood tests, urine sampling, hair sampling, physical exams and vaccinations, laboratory tests, and even DNA testing. We also offer EKG testing at our physical locations so that you can stay on top of your heart health.

The Importance of an EKG Test

EKG, or electrocardiogram (aka ECG), monitors heart signals to detect any problems or abnormalities. Electrocardiogram machines are portable and mobile enough, which is why LABS TO GO is able to offer it as one of our main services. This type of heart monitoring test is non-invasive and painless. To do the test, the machine leads are stuck onto the patient’s chest. There can be up to 10 leads attached at a time for full measurement. It’s also important that each one is in the right position for accuracy. That’s why we make sure that all our team members are equipped with the necessary training and certification to handle tests like this. The EKG test takes only a few minutes to run. Be sure not to apply any lotion before your test. Leads will also be placed on your limbs, apart from the chest area, so these will have to be clear. Otherwise, the lotion may interfere with the skin contact of the electrode. You can rest assured that you will get accurate EKG results in a timely manner, so you can move forward with the rest of your medical procedures or whatever other requirement you have for employment or wellness program.

Professionals at Your Service

We are proud to present to you our professional and qualified team. Our staff members are all experienced specialists, more than capable of providing you with efficient, accurate, and reliable screenings. With LABS TO GO, you can be confident and reassured about our service because our professional capabilities are guaranteed by our certifications. Among these include our DBE certification, Phlebotomy, DATIA Drug and Alcohol Testing, SWaM certification, medical examiners, and more.

Other Services

We cater to employers and individual clients at affordable rates and convenient service. All you need to do is tell us the specific services you need, and we’ll take care of them. Our physical locations and mobile lab is equipped with full laboratory amenities. Apart from EKG testing, we also offer COVID testing, drug testing, physical exams for sports, schools, and DOT requirements. You can access all these services right from right outside your door. If you’d like to give your staff access to health exams, you can also count on us for health and wellness screenings.

Get in Touch With Us

We are looking forward to serving you here in our mobile laboratory and at our physical locations. LABS TO GO is proud to be of service in Virginia and surrounding areas since 2008. Call us at (757) 490-8888 to set an appointment or inquire about the services we offer.