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Random Drug Tests and The Need For It

random drug testing

Drug use and abuse is a very growing issue in the United States. There was a study done by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which showed that there has been a drastic uprise in the people taking drugs between…

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Paternity Testing Made Easy

paternity testing

Paternity testing or DNA paternity tests are defined as the procedures done to obtain a DNA profile which would further be used to determine the parents of the tested individual. In simple words, paternity testing is used to determine that whether…

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Importance of Health Screening Test

A Health Screening Tests takes a look at maybe a medical take a look at or procedure performed on members of a good population or population subgroup to assess their probability of getting a specific sickness. We regularly think about screening for…

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It is All About Paternity Testing

Occasionally, things arise within which individuals need concrete, scientific proof of parentage, whether or not or not it’s their own or that of somebody else. In most instances, maternity is straightforward to see. Before surrogate relationship…

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Advanced Feature of Drug Test: Random Drug Test

A random drug testing is an associate examination or technical analysis of varied biological specimens of a person’s, like blood pee, exhaled air, sweat, secretion, and hair, to work out the presence of alcohol and different medicine or their…

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A New Technology in DNA World: Ancestry DNA

Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, could be a molecule that contains the directions Associate in nursing organism must develop, live and reproduce. These directions area unit found within each cell, and area unit passed down from folks to their kids….

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Are Foods Making You Sick?

LABS TO GO provides the ALCAT test for individuals looking for a tool for managing a wide variety of conditions linked to chronic activation of the immune system such as: Digestive Disorders, Migraines, Obesity, Chronic Fatigue, Aching Joints,…

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Mobile DNA Paternity Testing

LABS TO GO is the only company in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area that provide a mobile DNA paternity testing service. Unlike the common way of having paternity test performed, the mobile service give you 100% privacy from the public,…

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