Random Drug Tests and The Need For It

Drug use and abuse is a very growing issue in the United States. There was a study done by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which showed that there has been a drastic uprise in the people taking drugs between the years 2002 and 2013. Further studies show that it has risen at a more rapid phase in recent years. The study showed that the number of drug users in 2013 was around 24-25 million and the age of these drug users was 12 or above.

The statistics also show that about 70-75% of the drug users are employed, and their habit is one thing that makes them more susceptible to mistakes. Any person riding the wagon of drugs doesn’t let go of any chance of getting his/her hands on money, which makes them all the more likely to claim or file for compensation.

Importance of drug users or recovering addicts to have jobs

Studies along the lines of employment and drug users have shown that if the drug users or recovering addicts do not have jobs or lose jobs, their sense of purpose in the life fails and they are very much more likely to fall off the right wagon and get involved into old habits of drugs. The manipulation of the data even showed that events such as depression in the economy may cause an increment in the number of drug users.

Importance of Random Drug Test Programs

It is seen that the random drug test programs go a long way in improving a team, the environment of the work and the overall performance of the company.

The statistics show that a random drug testing program brings about a 50% reduction in the injury rate in the office as the rate of drug use reduces.

The insurance premiums are also reduced fro companies with a random drug test program.

More than all this, the random drug tests even when they show a positive result for any employee, they show that an employee needs help. A recovery program also needs to be incorporated, and every employee can support that specific person to get through the hard process of rehabilitation. When people know then, the co-workers may be able to understand the problems faced by the individual better and help him before he/she falls off the wagon and turns to drugs again. The support and care also act as crutches for anyone who is in the fight.

Process of Random Drug Test Programs

The procedure is remarkably non-invasive as opposed to what many people may think of it. The companies do not need to do much to have a random drug test program incorporated in their system. The best way to set-up a system is to get in contact with an agency that works in this domain. They come up with the basic wireframe, which is custom drawn according to your work culture and requirement.

In case of queries like Random Drug test Virginia, one of the best agencies to contact would be Labs To Go. They have experience in this field, and they are fast and thorough in their work. They can help to set up the whole program and clear out the confusion and working hassle. They have options for 5 to 17-panel tests with many of them giving results in just 5 minutes. They test for a lot of drugs and they not only assist in setting up the program but help to run it smoothly.