Advanced Feature of Drug Test: Random Drug Test

A random drug testing is an associate examination or technical analysis of varied biological specimens of a person’s, like blood pee, exhaled air, sweat, secretion, and hair, to work out the presence of alcohol and different medicine or their metabolites. The check includes the tracing of medication, that is otherwise prohibited, or their metabolites and levels at intervals the body of the person being examined whereas operating, driving or committing an associate offense within the geographical point or publically places. Drug and alcohol tests are common in workplaces.

Several workers are tested pre-employment and whereas on the work, to ascertain higher discipline, less absence, high productivity, associate accident-free work setting, the lower value in worker health care, etc.. It conjointly helps the corporate to ascertain a powerful health and safety culture. Numerous biological specimens are collected from workers and tested for ill-gotten abuse.

Types of Drug Testing:

Urine Drug Testing – Of all the obtainable drug testing ways out there, the foremost common is pee drug testing. It’s logical for pee drug testing to be common, as a result of metabolites—the structures made by the metabolism of all substances eaten by the body—use pee as its main discharge route.

Saliva Testing – Urine drug testing could also be the foremost common style of drug testing; however, secretion testing is turning into a lot of in style just because it’s less invasive. However, it looks that secretion drug tests ought to solely be wont to find recent drug use to make sure correct results.

Blood Testing – The most costly and invasive of all drug testing ways conjointly happens to be the foremost correct. It truly detects right at the time of testing the presence of the substance and its metabolites within the blood. The particular quantity of medication within the blood at the time of the check may be measured by a blood drug check.

Hair Testing – The idea of hair drug testing relies on the premise that drug metabolites enter the blood vessels of the scalp, and also the hair can filter them. The extended value and also the extended process of the hair samples are reasons why few employers use them for geographical point drug testing.

Perspiration Testing – Perspiration drug testing is probably one in the entire newer drug testing ways obtainable these days. It works through a sweat patch glued to the skin for an amount of fourteen days. The patch is worn to find the presence of medication that someone excretes through perspiration.


Drug tests work by analyzing biological specimens, usually hair, pee or a cheek swab. Drug testing is giving many advance technologies to us. Now it is up to us how we can use it. Random Drug Testing remains undertaken as a part of associate organization’s overall policy on medicine – testing workers every which way while not previous warning that medicine test can surface at a while will bring about to legal repercussions.