The Benefits of On-Site Drug Testing

On-site drug test is one which gives quick results on the spot. It is less intrusive compared to laboratory drug test. On-site drug test is usually used by people who take a drug test at home, at work places or educational institutions. The most common types used for on-site drug testing are urine drug testing, oral (saliva) drug testing and hair drug testing.

Common benefits of on-site drug testing:

Immediate Results: Results are available in less than five minutes with the help of on-site drug testing.

Self test product: No training or special skills are required for on-site drug testing. Help of another person is not needed to conduct the test.

No clinic fees: As it is self test product, no need to approach any clinic for laboratory tests. On-site drug testing saves your clinic fees.

No waiting for appointment and reports: You should wait for reports from laboratory services by atleast one day. Reports are available in couple of hours with the help of on-site drug testing.

Test multiple people at a time: On-site drug testing is applicable at schools, workplaces as it tests many people at one place in less time.

Accuracy: On-site drug testing gives instant results with accuracy up to 98%.

On-site drug testing at schools:

On-site drug testing is very helpful at schools because it gives quick results at a time for many pupils. The purpose of school drug testing is to keep students away from using drugs. According to white house drug policy, drug testing program helped Hunterdon Central Region High School to reduce 13% to 4% of cocaine use by the students.

On-site drug testing at workplace:

Employee can be tested within 4 to 6 minutes and can be get back to job in no time. On-site drug testing is less expensive compared to laboratory services. On-Site Drug Screening will not allow the suspect to tamper the specimen samples. The employee will be tested immediately that enhances the chance of detecting a drug user.

Onsite drug resting saves working hours for corporates and schools with quick results with it’s on the spot testing procedures. It is less expensive and more convenient comparing to laboratory services and special skills are not required to conduct on-site drug testing. On-site drug testing is suitable to educational institutions or workplace as you can test many people at a time with less effort.